Easy and fast

automation workflows

for dental practices

Your employees' time isn't cheap. Don't waste it making them do repetitive marketing tasks manually. Instead, give them the tools that will maximize their output.  


Generate bigger marketing outcomes with Automation.

Marketing Automation Engine.

Future proof your marketing communication.


Specialized in Dentistry

Our automation platform is deeply integrated with the existing software and communication tools used in dentistry. We believe true automation can only be achieved through deep integration and specialization.


Quick to Implement

Our pre-built automated workflows are easy to adopt and deploy. Get started on automating routine marketing tasks with minutes as opposed to months or years.


Save Time & Money

Automation enables you to save time and money on repetitive manual tasks and prevents them from slipping through the cracks. Our automated platform enables by using workflows acting like humans. 

Grow your contact CRM

Our automated marketing engine ensures that your customer database is up to date with contacts who express interest in becoming a patient and/or have interacted with your medical practice.


Prospects or customer contact details interaction history will be automatically captured and stored for your to access at all times, providing the complete story of your business relationships to date.


Easy setup

Onboarding and integration set-up takes 10 minutes. Afterward. our automated platform ​seamlessly connects to your phone, email, and key patient management software, like Dentrix, and QuickBooks. 

The systems will automatically gather all of your incoming prospects and contact information.

Seamlessly in sync

Our automated engine will keep your CRM list up-to-date by automatically adding new prospect and customer records every time there is a new call, text, email or transaction.


Future proof your marketing

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