Frequently asked questions

What marketing results can I expect from using Autoreach?

Our customers will see anywhere between 20-30% improvement in new patient acquisition and up to 30 hours of time savings per week.

Are there any long-term contracts? Hidden Costs?

No. We do not require you signing-up for any contracts. You may cancel your subscription any time with a 30-day notice in advance. Additionally, we do not require any upfront payments for onboarding or account set up. All the additional services are included with your subscription payment.

Do I need automation for my dental practice?

Yes, you do. To compete in 2020 and to move forward, you have to get up to speed on technologies that enable you to automate repetitive manual processes. With all the changes happening in the business of running a dental office, whether you are Solo, Group, or DSO the market dynamics require you to implement automation.

How does Autoreach exactly help my dental practice?

Very simple by using software bots acting like your front desk staff members. Our proprietary technology is built for dental offices. We have a good understanding of dental offices and we understand the pain of running the front desk that requires constant repetition (prone to human error) and interaction and communication with patients (that can benefit immensely from automation). We do this automation for you.

What are the features and functions of marketing automation?

Autoreach manages the entire customer journey for your office. Basically, we obsessively manage everything from when a customer finds your practice on Google, interact with them to get you that first appointment and send them relevant info prior to the appointment so they arrive on time and prepared. After the appointment visit, our automated marketing assistant follows up with the patient and ask them about their experience, if the feedback is positive, we then direct them to post a review on Google. We aim to drive more business and ask them for referrals. We also work obsessively to drive repeat business by sending patients automated recall appointments when they are due for recalls.

Which Practice Management Software systems do you integrate with?

Autoreach integrates with most of the practice management systems, including Dentrix, OpenDental, Able, Tracker, and EagleSoft. We are constantly working on expanding our list of integrations and partnerships so we can add more value to your businesses. If you don't see the name of the practice management software on our list, just send us a message and we will work swiftly to build the integration for your practice.

What is the pricing? How much is the monthly subscription?

We have a single pricing tier. Please sechedule a demo with us so we can better assist you with your marketing goals. One thing we know is that we’ve never charged a customer that didn’t see results.

Will I be locked in a contract?

No, exactly the opposite. We guarantee your money back if you don't see results within 60 days. We have no contract, no setup fee, no onboarding fee, no support fee, etc.

Are you HIPPA compiant and secure?

Yes. We've secured compliant certificates with all relevant regulations in all juridictions from anything from HIPAA, PIPA and PIPEDA. Please also check our privacy policy.

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