A smarter phone to save

you valuable time

Efficiently talk with patients on a more personal level via phone or text for faster responses.

A Smarter Caller ID for Your Practice

Know More When a Customer Calls In.

Our automated systems quickly pulls in relevant information when a customer calls in, it shows you who's calling, who needs appointment and how has a balance on their account.

Customer Name

Immediately view the customer name, family members. Impress your patients with a personalized touch.

Upcoming Appointments

Upcoming appointments for each individual at your fingertips. Handle tasks faster for your customers.

Overdue Balances

Quickly find out if there's overdue balances or any payment follow up notes for any customer.

Save time at the

front desk

Stop asking “How do you spell that?”

Or navigating multiple practice management software windows, shuffling through paper files to get basic patient information.


Screen Pop brings demographics, insurance details, and appointment history right to your desktop.

Get things done fast

Screen Pop organizes quick tasks in a simple view—such as capturing missing information, collecting overdue balances and scheduling family members.


Never call the patient back with something you wish you had mentioned but forgot.

Improve the Patient Experience

With Screen Pop, you can sound like each patient’s best friend any time they call.


Greet them by their first name, wish them a happy birthday, and answer all their questions on the spot without having to hunt around for relevant details.

Modernize your communicate with your patients 

Schedule a call with our team and we’ll discuss your goals and determine how we can help.

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