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5 safety measures in the dental practice during COVID19

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Step by step procedure for dental doctors and dental administrations to prevent Coronavirus

With Novel Coronavirus emerging out as a global issue, it is essential that those of us into dental practices must undergo every endeavor to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and ensure that our patients, staff, and visitors are protected. So, your dental administration has to set strict sanitary rules and precautions into your clinic that all your visitors have to follow during their visit.

The dental administration, the patients and the doctors who are into dental practices are at a high risk of infection. Because while undergoing the procedure, the doctors are at close contact with the patient's oral cavity such as the saliva, blood, etc. Saliva is the utmost transporter of COVID 19 infection and the visiting patients might be the carriers, therefore, putting the doctors and the other patients at risk.

Therefore, one should set up proper guidelines and implement preventive and safety measures in their daily dental practices

1. Cleaning and disinfecting the dental unit

You can take complete actions to ensure that your unit and instruments are regularly disinfected.

  • The instruments that are used for the procedures can bear the COVID virus coming from the patients.

  • Not only the patients but using a tool without disinfecting it can put the dental doctor at risk too. So, one must take proper precautions and ensure proper health and safety for both the doctor and the patient and try to make safe dental practices in COVID, as much possible.

  • While discharging a patient after a procedure, request them to not touch their mouth. Advise every patient to keep wearing surgical make while they are in the clinic and until they reach home.

  • Also, after each procedure, open all the windows to make sure the germs go off and dispose of every needle.

  • Sanitize and clean every equipment and also dispose of the PPE kits as per the government prescribed protocols. The committee at DGCA clarified that covid19 could spread by an accidental touch or if a non-infected person touches the droplet from the sneeze or cough of an infected person. So, it is suggested and preferred cleaning or disposing of the kits after each use.

2. Social distancing

You should try your best to ensure that the patients and the staff maintain as much as possible social distancing.

  • Request your customers to book appointments online as well as any other paperwork and you use dental marketing platforms like to automate most of your respective tasks.

  • Though there is a separate lounge area for the patients to wait but still, prefer and suggest that they remain inside their cars before their appointment call is done for the check-up.

  • Also, ensure that every patient and the one accompanying him/her is wearing masks and maintaining distance.

  • Take notice that the dental doctors are also maintaining proper hygiene. Checking out the patient's body temperature before he/she can enter the clinic must fall in safety protocols.

3. Regular cleaning of the clinic surfaces

Ensure that your entire clinic area is properly sanitized and is healthy.

  • Dental practice in COVID is a tough job but try your best to ensure that your patients get the best services within a healthy environment.

  • Prefer using disposable materials like PPE kit for the doctors, disposable drapes for the chairs, handles, and as-well-as for the curtains and the machine covers, etc. These disposable materials are thrown off or washed after each use.

4. Cleaner and healthier staff members

Your customers should feel safe the moment they enter the clinic or the building until they are done with the treatment. Not only a healthy environment but also a healthier staff is required to ensure a healthy service to the patients. You can read below how to ensure and contribute to your staff’s hygiene and safety.

Your dental administration also guarantees that your staff members including dental doctors doing dental practices maintain proper hygiene and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Ensure that none of your staff is suffering from any sort of contagious diseases while at work. If so, then offer them proper medical attention and paid leave until they are fit to resume work.

  • Also make certain that they maintain proper sanitation at work like regularly trimming their nails, no nail polishes, and no jewelry and watches while at work.

  • The hair should also be neatly tied with a cap-on while at the clinic.

5. Proper Ventilation

In dental practice, one major aspect is proper ventilation. During Coronavirus, dental practice is a risky job as there always remains a chance of infection. So proper care must be taken by the dental administration.

  • Maintain proper air circulation at your clinic by frequently opening all the windows after each procedure. In an airtight area, there is the highest chance of infection.

  • Use independent exhaust blowers to pull out all the room air outside making way for fresher air.

  • Also, regular service of ACs and portable air purifiers is must, at all the chambers including the waiting area.


Patient safety can be improved by implementing protocols, policies derived from different learning initiatives that will aid in speedily aware of all the members of the team. Every clinician must make it mandatory to follow the patient safety standard. A strict administrator body must be maintained who monitors and regulates these principles being followed in dental clinics.

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