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Top strategies to acquire more patients in dental practice

Dental hygiene is very important and people nowadays have recognized the necessity of getting regular dental checkups at least twice a year. According to a survey conducted in 2018, most people have started considering that oral health is a part of overall health.

Dental practices are now increasing day by day and thus there also rises the competition between various dental clinics or hospitals. Multiple clinics are opening up almost every second day which promises appealing deals, advanced treatment, and the latest equipment. In such a scenario, you would need to work on cutting edge marketing techniques to set yourself up as an established dental clinic and get proper ROI.

Marketing ideas for setting up an established dental clinic :

In a competitive market, you must be equipped with proper knowledge and technology to attract your customers and provide them with the best treatments. If you are targeting for a larger crowd at your clinic then below are mentioned-

Seven strategies formulated to attract probable rush on your side:

  1. Build your online presence - The first and foremost thing to do while setting up your market is building your online presence.

  • You need to have your listing into sites like Google MyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing Places. These sites will automatically create your business profiles. You can easily claim ownership and you will have total access and control of the page. You can update the contact information, hours of operation, etc of your dental practice business. So that patients can reach out to you during the clinic hours. This will help you to get maximum business during limited hours of operation. Thereby improving your daily revenue stats. This is the primary step of internal marketing ideas for dental practices.

  • Also, mark your presence on social media to target the probable customers there. A survey says almost 80% of the population has a social media account on various social apps like FB, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. These apps are the most used platforms. Create your page, invest in paid marketing, create digital ads, conduct live webinars, post weekly health tips, join various relevant groups, etc. This way, it is very likely that you can attract a certain crowd.

  • You also need to have an SEO optimized website for your dental practice. Hire an SEO expert if required and they can help you conduct proper dental marketing through your website. If done right, you can get a good number of clicks per month on your website. You can have your ROI back with the first few patients you receive.

2. Build a healthy relationship with your patients - After all the technical checks, it is necessary that you build up your repo among the patients. This is again an aspect of internal marketing ideas for dental practices.

  • Your business will only be successful because of your patients. You need to connect to them to convert a new patient to a regular and loyal one.

  • Patients want care, assurance, and warmth apart from better treatment from their doctors.

  • Your attitude towards your patients will ensure a new customer becomes a loyal one and one satisfied customer can bring a few more.

3. Become more accessible to your patients - It is necessary that you always remain with the reach of your patients. Be available whenever they need you.

  • If anyhow you miss any appointment then ask your admin staff to inform the patient and give them the next appointment available.

  • In case of emergency, share your contact no, or at least your email id with your patients so that they can contact you whenever needed. This way you can maintain healthy personal relationships with your patients which last forever.

4. Excellent customer service - You can never build up a healthy relationship with your patients if your customer service is poor.

  • It is seen that unhappy customers do not complain but they tend to never return to your clinic again. Also, they might speak ill about your service to their peers resulting in you losing a few more probable customers and affecting your reputation.

  • Make sure that your staff is excellent at taking care of your patients and their needs.

  • Do not make your patients feel unwanted because maintaining warm and cordial relations will ensure positive reviews from them.

5. Referrals - A word-of-mouth impress initiative gives at least 5 times more business in contrast to the paid ones. Referral marketing can do wonders for the dental professionals, as it can take numerous forms, but at its core, it's a technique to get your regular patients to aid spread the word about your dental services and amenities. In simple terms, referral marketing turns your existing patients into brand advocates.

The dental referral program is like a loyalty program in which your existing patients refer you to their relatives and peers. This is Word Of Mouth marketing.

  • You can have a handmade car gifted for a patient when he/she refers to a new customer. Or the lease you can send customized emails. A discount coupon on each referral would work better.

  • Your team can keep track of your referral source.

  • There is also dental marketing software that helps to track your referral marketing sources.

  • Using all the sources of your referral you can easily now decide which platforms to invest to get the best returns.

  • You should also set up a system for patients to be able to mention multiple referral sources.

6. Collab with healthy platforms - You can also collaborate with dental marketing software like which makes the best use of your online presence and helps build your online reputation. These platforms can help you convert your digital presence into an established doorway for patients flooding in.

  • They have automated software that directly sends texts or emails to your patients to drop a review on your website or social media pages after an appointment.

  • Through such a program, your existing patients can introduce themselves to their peers with a few clicks.

  • This program also helps you stay connected to your patients on a basic level. They are automated to send appointment reminders, reschedule texts, post-treatment tips, etc.

  • They help enhance your online presence and help you engage with your patients from anywhere in the world.

  • Such programs enhance your reputation without compromising with your data keeping them confidential.

Above are mentioned few important steps to target more probable customers into your dental business. Remember to invest wisely into whichever platforms you invest for it determines the customer flow into your business and gives you proper ROI.

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