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Our automated marketing engine help you collect more reviews.


Online reviews can be the most effective and least costly SEO strategy that you can implement and can be more productive in attracting new patients than conventional marketing.

Online reviews are so important for SEO

The influence of reviews means they can have a bigger impact than paid advertising in boosting your

leverage in localized search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO done seamlessly.

The digital age, online reviews of your practice can reach out to far more potential patients, and are therefore crucial in the trust-building process.

More reviews, more keywords

Reviews that contain keywords are the second biggest SEO factor for determining where your business shows up in Google results".

Google trusts reviews

Positive reviews signify to Google that your business is of high quality and highly valuable. Therefore, Google shows businesses with high volumes of quality reviews first

Earn clicks, earn visibility

Having good reviews can increase your website traffic, which in turn boosts your SEO ranking, creating a positive feedback loop. Your GMB profile is a crucial SEO factor.

Take control of your SEO

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