Engage with your patients where their attention is most.

When you make it easier for your patients to connect with you, you make it easier for them to do business with you. Autoreach's Messenger provides a sleek two-way texting experience and better patient communications from your desktop computer.

82% of text messages are read within five minutes.

Statistics suggest that text messaging has a higher degree of engagement over talking on the phone. It allows your patients to text you back when it's convenient for them. This way, you can respond to patient inquires faster and win more business.

Personal, Real-Time Texting.

Send updates, answer questions, send appointment reminders or follow-up to recent visits,

with powerful two-way texting. .

PMS Integration

Messenger pulls contact details and relevant patient information for every conversation by syncing with your practice management software.

Unlimited Texts

Send and receive unlimited text messages each month with no extra charges. Text conversationally via your existing landline number. 


No more missed calls, voicemails, and phone tags to try to get hold of your patients. Send and receive photos, videos, and all major file types.

Never miss a call

Only 20% of people leave voicemails. Which means you may never speak to the other 80% of missed calls.

Voicemails aren’t enough anymore!

Instead, automatically send a text message to any customer who gets sent to voicemail.If a customer wants to book a new appointment, reschedule, or ask a question, they can respond to your missed call text instead of leaving a voicemail–and eliminate back-and-forth phone tag.

That’s why missed call texts are more convenient for both your office staff and your customers.

Stop playing phone tags

Free up your time with our auto appointment
 Our platform automatically sends
customized text messages or email reminders
at any time, any date and personalizes each
reminder for your customer.

Send text messages for appointment reminders, office closures, follow-ups, invitations to leave a review, and payment requests.

Make it easier for your customers to respond

The two-way text lets you instantly communicate with customers in a way that is quick and convenient for both parties.


Our technology can interpret your customers’ text responses as a confirmation or need to reschedule.

For example, if your customer responds “Sure” or “You bet” or “I can make it”, we recognize this as an affirmative response and automatically confirms the
appointment in your system.


Modernize your communicate with your patients 

Schedule a call with our team and we’ll discuss your goals and determine how we can help.

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