Marketing automation for your dental business

Automate your marketing processes to grow your dental business by managing your online reviews, driving referrals, and running patient recall campaigns. Never worry again about negative online reviews, or customer feedback that may go unresolved. Let Autoreach handle your marketing tasks for you.


How automation can help your business grow?

Integration with existing PMS software

We've built API connections to read, write, and track directly into your practice management system in real-time, eliminating duplication, and saving you time.

Improved patient engagement and loyalty

Extend your personal touch by sending automated personalized missed call texts, review request, and follow-ups on customer feedback.

Save time and reduce costs

Your staffs’ time isn’t cheap. Don’t waste it making them do repetitive tasks manually. Instead, give them tools that will maximize their output. 

Marketing isn't just buying online ads.
We help you target every stage of the patient journey to optimize for best results.

Let software run your repetitive tasks. Instead, allow your team to focus their efforts on higher-value activities, such as patient interaction and treatment plans.

Attract New Patients

Build your patient list every time a new prospect calls.  Use automation to fill-in your practice's schedule.

Boost Patient Engagement

Automatically send reminders for patient recalls, online reviews, and follow ups on treatment recalls.

Get More Done

Proactively take action to improve ROI. Add 15% more appointments to your schedule and save 30+ hours per week.

Leverage automation to grow your business

Business 2-way Texting

9 out of 10 customers want to engage via text; two-way texting allows you to manage patient inquiries, rescheduling, payments, all within one interface from your office.

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Integrated Caller ID

Know more from every phone call: once you get an incoming call, you see their name, photo, history, outstanding balances and upcoming appointments.

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Get Found on Google

Be the obvious choice for people who find you online. Collect more reviews, boost SEO, and makes it easier for customer to reach your business online.

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Branded Referral Programs

Watch your customer base grow by leveraging your existing happy customers and enabling them to be your active advocates for referrals.

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Online Appointments

Automate recall and reactivation efforts; spend less time on the phone by texting automated appointment reminders. Let your team spend more time to deliver patient care.

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Drive Loyalty

Send automated referral offers to drive recalls and reengagement.​ Win more business by targeting your happiest customers.

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Ready to see how Automated Smart Assistant can save your staff's valuable time and improve patient experience? 

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